Invisible threats

They lurk everywhere and multiply rapidly: bacteria, viruses and many types of mould can put your health – and even your life – in danger. Hygiene is a form of preventive healthcare that protects people, especially children, from serious infections. In all the areas that require effective hygiene and disinfection measures, including the control of animal diseases, we offer fast and competent solutions in strict compliance with legal requirements.


Better than a cure!
Prevent infections before they happen

Infections like Norovirus can spread dramatically in public facilities such as hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, schools and kindergartens. In recent years, cruise ships have been more frequently affected by outbreaks (local epidemics) while epidemics and pandemics (global epidemics) can also spread rapidly on aircraft, trains and other forms of public transport. The loss of reputation as a result of an epidemic outbreak can be immeasurable –for cruise operators for example – and viral infections are also very dangerous for the sick, the elderly and small children.

We have a plan

Avoiding infections is much easier than fighting them. That is why prevention is essential. We can advise you on all the legal requirements and new developments in hygiene legislation as well as on the latest scientific research on hygiene systems. Upon request, we can prepare hygiene plans which guarantee the safe, long-term and complete disinfection of your communal facilities, business premises, cruise ships and other means of transport, and implement the preventive hygiene measures as well.

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Attention Please!
Pathogens are Frequent Flyers

Up to 6.5 billion passengers a year will be passing through airports worldwide by 2030.International transport is making a significant contribution to the spread of epidemics. If worse comes to worst and community facilities, business premises, aircraft, trains and other means of transport are infected by highly contagious viruses, effective measures must be taken immediately. Businesses especially may suffer severe financial losses when downtime occurs, or legal action is initiated for non-compliance with hygiene laws.

We stop the spread

Years of practical experience and intensive research have allowed us to develop effective processes to prevent the spread of highly infectious germs. We are immediately available, 24/7/365, and can take all necessary measures to prevent the threat of spreading infection quickly, thoroughly and effectively in accordance with local and international standards:

  • Disinfection using long-standing, proven and patented methods in a triple process (repetition)
  • Expert supervision of major disinfection processes
  • Our own specially developed disinfection processes, applicable depending on requirements, such as vaporisation, atomisation, scrub/wipe disinfection and ozonation
  • Application of specially developed foil walls and room airlocks for the isolation of rooms
  • Our unique service: fine nebulisation process and basic pre-disinfection of the area to be disinfected
  • Transport and decontamination of highly infectious laundry and textiles
  • All our disinfection methods and products comply with the legal requirements of localand international standards
  • As an authorised specialist company, we employ staff who are trained, experienced, qualified and ISO 17024-certified, including government-certified disinfectors, pest controllers, building cleaning experts, building cleaners, special cleaning technicians, building biologists, evaluators, consultants, hygienists, aviation security-qualified employees, odour technicians and chemists.
  • Certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

We help you combat these and more:

  • Anthrax
  • Ebola
  • Hantavirus
  • HIV
  • Measles
  • Meningitis
  • MRSA (Multiresistente Keime)
  • Noroviruses
  • Plague
  • Smallpox
  • Swine flu
  • Bird flu

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Hospital germs

Hundreds of thousands of people are infected every year in hospitals by highly contagious germs. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA for short, is very common. These germs are particularly resistant. They survive on surfaces for up to seven months and cause infection through contact with the skin and hands of personnel, patients and other persons.

We act quickly and sustainably

In addition to daily basic hygiene care, effective decontamination procedures are essential to prevent the spread of hospital germs and to protect patients from dangerous infection. Our hospital hygiene experts will analyse your hygiene status, develop all necessary measures and help you implement them.

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Impurities in the food sector

Moulds, bacteria and viruses find an ideal breeding ground in food processing companies, canteen kitchens and catering facilities– wherever food is produced, processed or stored. That is why the strictest compliance with all food hygiene regulations is obligatory, and a continuously high standard of hygiene is required by law to protect employees, consumers and customers from diseases and food poisoning. We are ready whenever immediate action is needed as a result of requirements and controls on the part of the authorities. Thanks to many years of experience, our expertise in the field of food hygiene and our long-standing cooperation with health authorities and veterinary offices, we can immediately carry out appropriate measures on site and thus guarantee the continuous running of your operations.

We clean up immediately:

  • Basic cleaning of the premises, including hard-to-reach areas such as ventilation systems, machinery and equipment
  • Decontamination procedures for mould infestation<, germ contamination and viruses
  • Pest control
  • Rapid response to health or veterinary office requirements and controls
  • Preparation of hygiene plans according to legal requirements

HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point –company self-monitoring system based on preventive measures to ensure food safety from production to consumption)

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Test it!
Drinking water demands purity

The strictest guidelines apply are applied to prevent the spread of dangerous germs, fungi and bacteria, such as Legionella, in drinking water. Compliance with standards and regular monitoring serve to protect the legally prescribed limit values.

We control, analyse and sterilise

We can run tests to verify the sterility of your drinking water system and drinking water installations and uncover weak points.
We will immediately eliminate any impurities by cleaning and disinfecting the drinking water system and installations.

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Outbreak alarm!
Risk of infection with animals

Farmers who breed and raise animals have to deal with the dangers of a large number of different pathogens. Animal diseases are transmissible, spread rapidly and endanger both animals and humans. As hygiene and disinfection specialists, we can ensure the hygienic safety of farms, breeding establishments and animal transport well as combating all common animal diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), bird flu, avian influenza, BSE and swine flu in accordance with legal regulations.

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Health in the workplace

Air conditioning and ventilation systems in public buildings, offices and public spaces often provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mould that can cause allergies and infections in people.

Clean air

We offer the complete cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning and ventilation systems using our own specially developed process – even for hard-to-reach areas – and ensure health protection at the workplace and in public buildings.

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Infected laundry

Textiles carry microorganisms and can transmit diseases. Infestation by pests such as fleas and bedbugs also poses a risk. The healthcare, hotel and wellness sectors need hygienically perfect laundry; cleaning and disinfection of infectious and contaminated laundry according to the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute are therefore very important.

Not just clean but disinfected

We offer:

  • Transport and decontamination of highly infectious, infectious, heavily contaminated and pest-infested laundry
  • Disposal of amassed laundry from hoarder homes
  • Application of disinfecting and washing processes according to Robert Koch Institute guidelines

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Mould makes you ill

Mycotoxins are found in the spores of black mould. They are dangerous toxins that can cause many diseases. Mould spores enter the human body through the air we breathe and through skin contact. That means that, as well as treating the cause of the mould, the surfaces and the air in the affectedroom must be disinfected. Keep in mind that there is a risk of renewed mould infestation if the spores in the room air are not completely removed.

Stopping the spores

We can carry out a thorough and sustainable mould disinfection in the affected premises and will advise you on preventive measures against mould.

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