Foul Smells!
They cannot be wiped away

Smells of decomposition caused by rotting processes, smells in hoarder homes or smells caused by animals, mould, faeces, nicotine, butyric acid or fire damage cannot simply be removed by cleaning. Only the complete destruction of the odour molecules can bring about odour neutralisation and ensure an odourless and sterile room air.

Our specially trained staff effectively eliminate all types of smells by means of professional odour neutralisation.




The terrible consequences of animal hoarding

The term animal hoarding describes an obsessive addiction to keeping a large number of animals in the home. The uncontrolled collection of animals, which occurs mostly in hoarder homes, leads to health-endangering contamination with animal faeces, to pest infestation and the nuisance of strong smells. The evacuation, cleaning and renovation of an animal hoarder’s apartment requires a great deal of sensitivity and professionalism. The animal hoarder is not usually aware of the hygienic deficits and the suffering of the animals.

We clean, disinfect and neutralise professionally

In consultation with the veterinary office, accommodation is found for the animals and the property is then cleaned and disinfected. Our trained staff, specialised in animal hoarding and hoarder homes, will clean the premises and carry out a professional disinfection in accordance with local regulations in order to eliminate all viruses and bacteria. This is followed by odour neutralisation to remove all unpleasant smells. We make the rooms habitable again.

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Burnt out!
It should not stay that way

In a house fire, toxic pollutants are released, which are not only harmful to health, but also cause unbearable smells. We eliminate fire and smoke odours and ensure the decontamination of pollutants in accordance with the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS).

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We clear the air

Disgusting, corrosive, unbearable: butyric acid spreads a repulsively unpleasant odour that must be professionally neutralised. Above all, businesses and companies that have been victims of a butyric acid attack need an immediate and effective solution in order to minimise outages and financial losses.

We will be immediately on site to neutralise the surfaces contaminated by butyric acid and clean the indoor air in a sustainable way.

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What anasty smell!
We will find the causes

There’s a foul smell around, but you do not know where it is coming from or what substance is causing it? We will analyse the odour situation on site and take the right measures.

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We will remove it

Carcasses– the physical remains of dead animals – are often found as a result of animal hoarding in hoarder homes as well as in private and public buildings, especially in ventilation systems, cavities, extractor hoods, partition walls and attics. Carcasses spread diseases and strong decomposition odours and must be disposed of properly.

We can remove animal carcasses in accordance with all legal requirements and carry out disinfection with subsequent odour neutralisation.

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We will be fast

A room where a dead body has been found often has a strong smell of decay, especially if the body has been lying for a long time –the smell can even spread to the surrounding apartments, stairwells and hallways!

Our special crime scene cleaning team is ready for action 24/7 and will carry out professional disinfection and odour neutralisation in accordance with local and international standards. The odour neutralisation is carried out by means of hot steam penetrating deep into every building material with bionizers (helper bacteria) and/or ozone generators as well as halogen disinfection and odour conversion.

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Get rid of the stench

There is hardly a smell more penetrating than cat urine, nor one that can establish itself so persistently in the smallest cracks and joints. Cat urine comprises a special mix of ammonia and pheromones and it penetrates materials quickly and deeply. This makes neutralising its odour a real challenge.

We know how

In cases of contamination by cat urine, including hoarder homes, we will apply our own specially developed odour neutralisation procedures, which penetrate the deeper layers and cavities and remove the smell without damaging materials.

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Smoker’s rooms!
Time for a breath of fresh air

Nicotine deposits that have settled in so-called open-pored surfaces and materials such as wallpaper, plaster, wood, masonry and textiles maintain an unpleasant permanent odour. To make things worse, nicotine deposits in a former smoker’s apartment or a hoarder home contain carcinogenic substances.

We will carry out the odour neutralisation with ozone and eliminate the nicotine smell completely and sustainably.

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Watch out!
That smell can make you ill

So-called malodorous substances do not only cause disgust and nausea, they can also damage the central nervous system in humans due to their composition. As part of our odour neutralisation services, we use special processes to destroy odours based on hydrogen sulphide (“stink bombs”) and ammonia, like cat urine, as well as odorous substances resulting from butyric acid and animal oils.

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We will remove the smell

Contamination with animal faeces can be the result of animal hoarding, hoarding disorder or pigeon droppings. The pathogens in faeces can transmit diseases. In addition to removing the faeces, it is important to disinfect surfaces and materials in accordance with Robert Koch Institute guidelines.

We clean and disinfect all contamination by animal faeces using our special equipment, suitable for both the preliminary and final cleaning of faecal contamination and follow up with odour neutralisation to permanently eliminate all unpleasant smells.

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