Health hazard!
We are there to protect

High-grade hazardous substances of a biological, chemical or radioactive nature must be removed using expert decontamination procedures. In addition to our substance decontamination expertise in the areas of disinfection, special cleaning, crime scene cleaning and pest control, we also specialise in the removal of harmful pollutants, toxins and stinking substances.


Hidden danger!
We will dispose of it

Tons and tons of asbestos (banned in the EU since 2005) and synthetic mineral fibres (SMF) are still found in the form of building materials in millions of buildings. These carcinogenic and highly hazardous fibres must be disposed of professionally and in accordance with strict legal requirements for hazardous waste.

As a certified specialist company, we remove, dispose of and transport asbestos waste and artificial mineral fibres in accordance with the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) and issue a certificate of disposal.

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We put the environment first

When the soil and water are at risk from causes such as chemical accidents, rapid and effective action is needed to prevent major damage to people and the environment.

Our experts for soil and water pollution are ready for immediate action and will support you with water and soil remediation measures.

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We make it safe

Hazardous substances such as E605, cyanide, rat poison, heavy metals, butyric acid, mercury, expired stocks, paint residues, battery acids, liquid from solar panels and other toxic residues require professional decontamination and subsequent disposal.

Our trained specialists will clean the contaminated surfaces and dispose of the harmful substances in the appropriate manner.

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Watch out!
That smell can make you ill

So-called malodorous substances do not only cause disgust and nausea, they can also damage the central nervous system in humans due to their composition.
As part of our odour neutralisation services, we use special processes to destroy odours based on hydrogen sulphide (“stink bombs”) and ammonia, such as cat urine, as well as odorous substances resulting from butyric acid and animaloils.

It stinks, but you don’t know where it comes from or what is causing it? We’ll analyse the odour situation on site and take the right measures.

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