We get rid of all pests

In canteen kitchens, business premises or private households, pests are always an acute health hazard and must be dealt with professionally. We offer the right solution for all occurring pests, including mice, rats, cockroaches, bedbugs, wasps and oak processionary moth, using biological methods if desired.

In addition, we’ll advise you on prevention in the area of pest infestation and carry out regular tests according to the HACCP concept.

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Vicious biters!
We will track them down

Bedbugs often come unnoticed into your home when you have been travelling or have bought second-hand furniture. These parasites feed on blood and cause very unpleasant bites, which can also trigger severe allergic reactions.

Our pest control specialists will be quickly at your side helping to effectively and sustainably eliminate bedbugs. Whether in private homes or business premises, we use our special control methods to eliminate bed bug infestations in bedrooms, living rooms, hotel rooms, furniture, luggage, etc.

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Flying toxins!
We keep them in check

As a species that has benefited from climate change, the oak processionary moth has seen a mass increase in many areas of Europe over the last 20 years. Mostly found in oak trees, the processionary moth is a pest that affects both plants and people’s health. In the larval stage it has poisonous caterpillar hairs, which break off and are spread into the environment by the wind. These caterpillar hairs can trigger allergies in humans, as well as inflammations of the eyes and airways, skin rashes, so-called caterpillar dermatitis and other disease patterns.

Suppression through prevention

If public areas, when residents, passers-by and groups of children are endangered by the poisonous caterpillar hairs of the oak processionary moth, to prevent is to protect public health. The preventive measures must be completed by the end of April/mid-May, as the caterpillars develop their poisonous hair in the third larval stage.

We offer effective methods to prevent the spread of the poisonous caterpillar hair without harming humans and the environment and can develop individual solutions for the preventive control of the oak processionary moth, including biological solutions if desired.

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Wood eaters!
We protect your furniture and home

Wood-boring beetles, usually known as woodworm, can remain undetected for a long time – but the devastation they cause in buildings is immense: a woodworm infestation can leave holes in roof trusses, ceilings, floors, stairs and lots of other wooden objects. In many cases, the damage is huge, and the costs are high. In the worst case, the weakening of the building substance over the years leads to the collapse of the house.

We offer you the professional implementation of all the measures necessary to combat woodworm. In addition, we will renovate buildings made of wood infested by dry rot, a wood-destroying fungus that can cause dangerous decomposition in wooden ceilings, beams and roofs.

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Almost indestructible!
A job for us

Cockroaches are one of the most disgusting, annoying and highly resistant pests. They stop at nothing and, like bedbugs, are hard to catch because they hide in cracks, gaps and crevices: preferably behind kitchen furniture, refrigerators and other electrical appliances. Cockroaches multiply rapidly and can also infest adjacent rooms through pipelines and cable ducts. They transmit diseases to humans and their droppings can cause asthma and eczema.

Applying the right strategy

Food processing companies, restaurants, and the cateringand wellness sectors are particularly at risk because they offer cockroaches an optimal habitat. Cockroach infestationscan cause businessesan immense image loss. So fast action is necessary.

Our professional and experienced pest controllers are ready for action and will come immediately to your site. They will develop the right strategy, exactly matching the respective cockroach species and the infested premises.

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We will hunt them down

A mouse in your house? In no time at all, it can turn into a full-on plague of mice. Like rats, these rodents belong in the category of hygiene and health pests. Mice transmit pathogens and contaminate food and supplies through their feeding and excrement.

Their gnawing also damages cables and electronic devices, which can be highly expensive, especially for businesses.

Our team of experts will be on site immediately,taking effective measures for long-lasting mice control.

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Only experts can combat rats

Rats are so-called hygiene pests – they transmit serious diseases and thus endanger human health. They also contaminate food and stocks and cause damage to cables and electrical equipment. Rats are not only extremely resistant, they also reproduce very rapidly, so that an individual rat infestation can quickly grow into a plague.

Controlling these intelligent pests, which gain access to premises in a variety of ways that are sometimes difficult to comprehend, requires in-depth biological expertise and belongs exclusively in the hands of professionals. Our pest experts will be at your side immediately, tailoring the measures for effective and sustainable rat control specifically to the environment and ensuring your long-term protection and safety.

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We fend off wasps

Although wasps are actually useful pest controllers themselves – because they destroy other insect pests – they quickly become a threat if they appear too frequently. Increased wasp numbers are not only annoying, a wasp bite can also be very painful and even life-threatening for allergy sufferers.

Our pest experts will ensure safe and rapid control of the wasp colony and long-term wasp defence for private homes, businesses and farms. We also carry out the careful removal of wasp nests in compliance with environmental and nature conservation regulations.

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Pesky pigeons!
Systematic defences needed

The accumulation of pigeons and the resulting pollution has become a big problem, especially in cities. Pigeon droppings attack building materials because they are responsible for the formation of fungi that, in turn, produce acid and cause massive damage to buildings. Furthermore, the harmful microorganisms in pigeon droppings can enter the human body through the air we breathe and thus endanger our health. The dried excrement, pigeon corpses and nesting materials harbour dangerous pathogens as well as mould spores.

We offer effective and individually designed systems for permanent pigeon deterrence. We also remove the pigeon droppings and carry out disinfection in accordance with legal regulations before installing the pigeon repellent systems.

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