Teamed up for take-off

Lufthansa Technik is the exclusive cooperation and contractual partner for the worldwide provision of services in the fields of disinsection, disinfection and special cleaning of civil aviation aircraft.
This cooperation also includes projects for the research and development of new disinsection and disinfection methods for use in aircraft.

A strong alliance

Commissioned by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Defence, AKUT SOS CLEAN is responsible for the provision of disinsection, disinfection and special cleaning services for German Armed Forces air craft. The remit also includes the preparing disinfection and disinsection concepts as well as issuing disinfection and disinsection certificates.

Maximum security

Our work for the German Federal Police includes checking emergency vehicles and accommodation, preparing risk assessments and carrying out appropriate disinfection measures.

Keeping trains on track

AKUT SOS CLEAN is a partner of Deutsche Bahn for the implementation of services within the scope of disinfection, biological incidents and violent attacks.

Master plan for the prevention of pandemic

AKUT SOS CLEAN has developed a master plan for the event of a worldwide pandemics that would have a significant impact on medical care and public life.

This plan includes approaches to prevent the spread of the pandemic, such as:

  • Plans for disinfection and decontamination measures on all transport routes
  • Rapid training of the necessary participants in the event of a crisis
  • Stocking of disinfectants and production of alternative disinfectants
  • Measures for self-protection (PPE – personal protective equipment)
  • Code of conduct for the population
  • Recommendations for authorities
  • Organization and logistics in case of restrictions to the basic supply
  • Measures in the event of an outbreak of the so-called virus X, a hitherto unknown pathogen that WHO experts warn against.