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We are always there for our customers. 24/7/365. Including weekends and holidays. Throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries and France, by arrangement, worldwide. Our guarantee: 15 minutes after your enquiry you will receive an offer.

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Our goal

To be the best of the best. With the best value for money. No more, no less. That is why we have made special cleaning our motto. We value performance and quality. And the people who make cleaning their duty.

Our teams

Large-scale disinfection or graffiti removal: behind every AKUT SOS CLEAN operation there is a team of experienced and government-certified disinfectors, pest controllers, building cleaners, special cleaning technicians, building biologists, experts, advisors, hygienists and chemists who meet the high requirements in the field of hygiene and disinfection at all times.

Our training

We do not only demand training, we also promote it: our specialists are regularly trained in our own academy and their specialist knowledge is brought up to the latest standards in order to guarantee the best possible performance quality for our customers.

Our requirements

All employees have passed the fitness tests of theirprofessional associations, are regularly examined by occupational medicine experts,and are checked for trustworthiness and reliability by means of references and a police clearance certificate.

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