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Crime scenes and corpse sites leave behind traces of blood, body fluids, tissue remnants, decomposition residues and highly infectious pathogens. It takes very special knowledge of biological and chemical processes to conduct a professional and, above all, complete clean-up.

Our special team for crime scene cleaning is ready for action 24/7. We will analyse the situation and then carry out professional cleaning, disinfection and disposal in accordance with local and international standards.

One-source solution: domestic junk removal and house gutting

Our experts make homes habitable again and return rooms to their original state. If necessary, we will take care of the professional clearing out or gutting of the affected rooms.

We offer:

  • Pre-disinfection of indoor air to prevent infectious pathogens
  • Thorough cleaning with deep action on contaminated surfaces
  • Objects and materials that are not to be cleaned, such as furniture, flooring and
    rubbish, are put in smell-proof packages and disposed of properly in accordance with infection prevention regulations.
  • Pest control in the affected premises to eradicate infestation by pest species after corpse discovery (disinfestation)
  • Final disinfection using ULV foggers to kill off any bacteria still present and thus eliminate microbiological contamination
  • Odour neutralisation by means of hot steam penetrating deep into every building material with bionizers (helper bacteria) and/or ozone generators as well as halogen disinfection and odour conversion
  • Complete restoration of the usability of the property
  • Professional clearing out and gutting of the premises
  • Digital documentation (before/after) in the form of a data CD, such as for submission to authorities
  • Issue of officially recognised certificates for the individual work steps carried out in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions
  • On request, residential renovation by reliable partner companies after completion of a crime scene clean-up
  • Discreet handling and preservation of confidentiality obligation

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Crimes and unexpected deaths are heavy burdens for surviving dependants and those affected. Our employees are psychologically trained and provide support in assistance to victims.